Zhu Live At Apex Social Club

Zhu Live At Apex Social Club

Zhu Live in Las Vegas

Where will you be on the night of Saturday, October 20th? If your answer wasn’t, “At Apex Social Club, seeing one of the best DJ sets this year,” then you’re missing out. Zhu, the electronic DJ who has rocketed to international stardom, will be playing at The Pearl Concert Theater – and then he’ll be headed to Apex for a special, intimate show that you just can’t afford to miss.

What to Know About Zhu

Zhu took a different approach to attaining fame as a DJ. Whereas many other music artists focus on developing and honing their public image, Zhu backed away from the public eye entirely, opting to take a much more anonymous approach.

In 2014, Zhu released a series of his songs online to a hugely positive response. Though publications such as Billboard and Vice tried to learn more about the artist, he preferred to let his music do the talking. His song, “Faded,” received a Grammy nomination, becoming the first time that an anonymous artist would receive such an honor.

When Zhu released his debut album, Generationwhy, he focused on live performance and centered the album around human emotions. The artist has been praised for his creativity and Pete Tong of BBC Radio called him a “musical mastermind.”

Zhu’s versatility and creativity set him apart from many other contemporary DJs. With his worldwide tours and appearances, Zhu is bringing his musical vision to concert venues and clubs all over the world.

Why You Should See Zhu at Apex

Still not convinced? Here’s why Zhu playing at Apex is a show that you absolutely shouldn’t miss.

First off, Zhu isn’t a local DJ or a local talent. He’s a top artist who’s in demand all over the world, and he tours internationally. He’s the biggest artist we’ve ever had at Apex, and we were super lucky to be able to get him to perform in this venue.

Secondly, Zhu is performing at The Pearl Concert Theater earlier in the evening. If you’ve ever seen a show there, you know that the venue is a large one, sporting 2,500 seats. Sure, seeing a show there is a great experience, and it’s smaller than many other concert venues, but you’re still distanced from the artists and you’re watching from an assigned seat.

When Zhu performs at Apex, it’s a totally different feel. You’ll be in a much smaller venue with a more intimate feel, allowing you to enjoy the music and take in the experience in a completely different way. How many people can say that Zhu DJ’d the club they were in, and they were just feet away from him the whole time? Rather than being hundreds of feet away and up in a balcony, you’ll be much closer up. Plus, the restrictive nature of stadium seating? None of that will be here at Apex. Enjoy the show from our comfortable, sophisticated seating, or take a stroll out to the outdoor patio if you’d like.

Lastly, this will be your last chance to see Zhu for a while. Apex and The Palms are the fifth-to-last show on Zhu’s Dune 2018 tour, and one of the following venues is already sold out. Remember that Zhu is still relatively new to the music scene, yet his talents are undeniable. You might just be seeing the next superstar DJ in a rare, small venue performance.

Need more reasons to come to Apex on the 20th? Let’s start with our location. We’re conveniently situated on the 55th floor of the Palms Casino & Resort. That means that you can spend the day enjoying the very best that Las Vegas has to offer before heading over for the Zhu show that night. Plus, our location gives us an unbeatable vantage point over the Las Vegas skyline – can you say Instagram photo opportunities?

You and your friends can also party like VIPs thanks to our Bottle Service. When you make a Bottle Service reservation, you’ll receive tons of benefits, like entrance into Apex without having to wait in line, and your own private area inside the club. You’ll have your own private servers and security staff, and your bottles will be delivered to your table with plenty of mixers. You can mix drinks to your taste, and won’t have to wait at the bar a single time all night long. It’s a great way to make Zhu’s performance a truly unforgettable night for you and your party.

October 20th is bound to be an amazing show at Apex. Be sure to get this unforgettable event on your calendar and tell all your friends – now!