Why You Should Try Bottle Service at Apex

Why You Should Try Bottle Service at Apex

Las Vegas Bottle Service

When it comes to treating yourself to a night out on the town, especially a night out in a place like Las Vegas, there is no better way to indulge in a real Sin City experience, than to order bottle service. If you have never gotten bottle service at a Las Vegas bar before, then we promise you, there is nothing quite like it.

Here at Apex Social Club, we know that there is nothing quite like a night with bottle service, which is why we always have bottle service available for our patrons. If you haven’t tried it before—here are just a few of the many great reasons why it is time to give bottle service a chance.

  1. It Can Help You Get That VIP Experience- Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love feeling like a VIP when you go out? Why not treat yourself and your friends to a real VIP experience with bottle service. It can help separate an ordinary night out from a night out you’ll never forget.
  2. You Can Enjoy a Private Experience- When you get bottle service at Apex, or at any club in Las Vegas, you can enjoy sipping your cocktails in a private setting that is typically roped off from the general public.
  3. You Get More Than The Bottle- Sure, you get top-of-the-line liquor when you enjoy bottle service, but you also get so much more than that. Enjoy mixers and everything else you need to make great cocktails at your table—all without having to go up and wait in line at the bar. It is truly one of the best ways to enjoy any nightclub experience.
  4. You Get Exclusive Service- When you get bottle service with Apex, you aren’t just getting access to the VIP area of our club, but you are getting access to VIP service as well. You will have one of our staff members taking care of you and making sure that they are helping pour drinks and make shots all while keeping the table happy.

Now that we have you convinced, make sure to come to Apex Social Club with your friends and plan on treating yourselves to bottle service. Apex Social Club is located in the infamous Palms Casino Resort and is the new go-to destination for a fun night out on the town. After our star-studded grand opening event, we proved that we are the go to place in Las Vegas for a fun night out, which is why there is no better time to come, visit our social club and take advantage of the unique bottle service experience—tonight.