Valentine’s Day Party in Las Vegas

Valentine’s Day Party in Las Vegas

Ditch Your Valentine’s Day Party This Year… Because Cupid is Stupid

Here at Apex Social Club, we know that while some people are out spending their Valentine’s Day Party weekend with chocolates, flowers and fancy dinners, that this is not how we would want to spend a Friday night. In fact, here at Apex, we kind of think Cupid is stupid…and there are much better ways to spend your weekend.

This is why we are throwing an anti-Valentine’s Day party on Friday, February 15th. So, after you spend Friday morning seeing all of your friend’s mushy Instagram posts about their Valentine’s Day flowers, you can come out and have some real fun on Friday night.

Our Anti-Valentine’s Day Party will be held right here at Apex Social Club and will feature the musical stylings of DJ Que—one of the hottest DJs in Las Vegas right now. If you want to spend an evening at one of the go-to social clubs in all of Las Vegas, with other singles who think that Cupid is stupid… this is the party for you.

Our commitment to partying in the name of anti-Valentine’s Day is garnering so much attention, that Las Vegas Weekly Magazine is getting in all of the action. This is why we are so excited to announce that they will be joining forces with us here at Apex to host the Las Vegas Weekly’s 21stBirthday Party.

Yep, two major events in one all with DJ Que taking over the table. There is no better way to forget about how lame Valentine’s Day is and actually enjoy yourself during this holiday.

If you want to get in on all of the action on Friday, February 15th, make sure to book your spot now here at Apex Social Club here. This event is sure to be packed, so make sure to respond now. We can’t wait to see you there to celebrate everything that Valentine’s Day isn’t about.