Tips for the Best Bachelorette party at Apex

Tips for the Best Bachelorette party at Apex

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Las Vegas Bachelorette

Before you go to the chapel, before you get married, you must do this one thing: have the best bachelorette party ever! Trust us: Apex Social Club is the best place you could possibly host your event.

Las Vegas has long been the premier destination for the best bachelorette parties. But now, the stakes have risen (literally): Apex Social Club offers the opportunity to enjoy a bachelorette party 55 floors above the twinkling lights of Las Vegas. Our beautiful venue will truly offer a once in a lifetime experience.

Ready to start planning the ultimate bachelorette party? Here are some tips for coordinating and creating the best possible party, from start to finish.

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(Source: Apex Social Club)

1. Assign a point person

 First things first: decide who is going to be planning this event. Often, the Maid of Honor will be the point person for planning the bachelorette party. If you’re the bride, you can work

2. Pick your posse

 Choose which lucky ladies are going to be invited to the big blowout! Usually, this will include the bridal party, but you may decide to invite some additional friends to the bachelorette party as well.

3. Consider potential dates

 Consider some potential dates for your bachelorette party before reaching out to Apex. First, consult with your crew of ladies to pick out 3-4 potential dates for the party. Because people’s lives can get busy, try to work on this step as far in advance as possible to maximize how many people will be able to attend.

4. Request a reservation

 Once you’ve narrowed it down to a couple of dates, reach out to Apex via our Bachelorette Party page. You’ll be able to determine which of your dates is available for a partial buyout, and can then decide which one to go with. Keep in mind that since Apex is a venue which is in high demand, having some backup dates (as suggested in the above tip) can be very helpful.

5. Get a final head count

 Once you have a date set, consult again with your group and get a firm headcount for your event. While you may have had a general idea of the headcount before, now that you have a date, you really want to confirm this detail as soon as possible.

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6. Make travel and lodging reservations

 Once you have your date set, be sure to make your travel reservations ahead of time. Have everyone book their tickets so that your travel schedules can be coordinated.

In terms of lodging, make it easy on yourself and consider booking at the Palms Resort Casino. Sure, the Palms is where Apex Social Club is located, but that’s not its only selling point. The resort just enjoyed an amazing renovation, and is one of the hottest destinations in Vegas right now, with state of the art hotel rooms, new restaurants and clubs (including Apex and its sister venue on the ground floor, Camden Cocktail Lounge), and a stellar entertainment schedule at the Pearl Theater, one of the biggest theaters in Vegas.

7. Consult with our experts

 Now, it’s time to start having fun. Consult with the experts at Apex to create the bachelorette party of your dreams! We can help generate ideas, or go ahead and bring your own concepts to the table. We have the ability to help you decorate and cater the party to suit your unique needs.

8. Curate a great Vegas trip

 When it comes to bachelorette parties, chances are that many of the people in your group will be traveling to get to Las Vegas. It’s an exciting destination, so be sure to make the most of it!

You’ve got your place to stay, now plan on having some fun. Look into the many different entertainment opportunities in Las Vegas, and decide what outings or events might be fun to attend. There are plenty of great entertainment offerings not only at Apex, but also at our partner venues including Clique Bar and Lounge and Camden Cocktail Lounge. Make sure to make reservations in advance!

(Source: Apex Social Club Facebook page)

9. Enjoy the view

 Once it’s time for your party, kick back and relax! The hard part (and it wasn’t really that hard, was it?) is over: the planning is done, the plane ride is over, and now it’s time to have some fun, 55 floors above Vegas. Enjoy the breathtaking view. Your bachelorette party is a truly unique event, and you should enjoy it to the fullest! Be sure to enjoy the many drinks on our menu and take in the best view in Vegas. It’s your night!

10. Share it on social media!

Don’t forget to document your fun! Be sure to take plenty of photos and to tag Apex on social media. Not only will this help you preserve the great memories of your bachelorette party, but it will make you feel like a superstar in Las Vegas!

If you want to have the best bachelorette party, choose the best place for it. Apex Social Club, with its incredible location on the 55th floor of the Palms Resort Casino, is the ultimate Las Vegas nightclub for doing it up in style.

Don’t you deserve the best bachelorette party?