The Apex Holiday Industry Party

The Apex Holiday Industry Party

With the holiday season upon us, be sure to schedule Apex Social Club into your busy schedule. We’ll be holding our holiday party on Sunday, November 18th, and it will be our last hurrah before we break for the holidays. In other words, you need to be there.

What to Expect from the Apex Holiday Party

Apex events are always the best in Las Vegas, and our holiday party will be no exception. If you haven’t yet reserved the night of November 18th for this can’t-miss event, here’s why you need to get your friends together and get this party in your books.

The Best Company

You never know who you’ll bump elbows with at Apex, and the turnout is sure to be huge for our holiday party. We’re personally making sure that our local favorite partygoers and people involved in the industry will be here (more on that later), so this event is sure to be fun, energy-filled, and a perfect chance to meet some amazing people.

The Best Entertainment

We do entertainment right at all of our events, bringing in some of the best local and national talent you’ll find. Our holiday party is no exception, and we’ve lined up five amazing entertainers to keep the music going and the dance floor rocking all night long.

DJ Ikon

DJ Ikon has been called the “hottest DJ in Las Vegas,” and it’s easy to understand why. He’s a huge name in the nightclub industry, and has received many awards including Las Vegas Top 30 Under 30, as well as the Remix Club DJ of the Year. He’s performed in clubs all over the world, appearing in 20 countries.

And if that wasn’t enough to convince you, need we mention that Ikon has made remixes for top artists including Britney Spears, Katy Perry, Wyclef Jean, and the New Boyz?

DJ Karma

Las Vegas native DJ Karma is a dominating force in the nightclub music world. He’s held resident DJ positions in hotspots such as the Tangerine Lounge, the Ice Meta Club, and right here at the Palms Hotel. Plus, DJ Karma has both personally spun and opened up for huge names in the music business including Grand Master Flash, Jermaine Dupree, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Kid Capri, and more.

Kid Conrad

Kid Conrad entered the club scene in just 2010, but has quickly become a favorite DJ in Las Vegas. He was awarded the title of Fastest Up and Coming DJ in Las Vegas in 2012, and has since held residencies, launched his own parties, and traveled across the country.


DJ Que also hails from Las Vegas, where he was born and raised. Known for the amazing precision of his scratching, DJ Que has a truly unique and memorable sound. His music crosses the borders between genres including hip-hop, rock, electro, and even the Top 40’s. Regardless of what genre he’s working in, DJ Que creates music that is full of energy and perfect for nightclubs. He holds residencies at Gold Lounge, Caramel, and Revolution, where he brings his unique sounds to the Las Vegas nightlife.


Las Vegas resident DJ Buza blends hip-hop and electronic music into his hybrid EDM tracks. He’s toured throughout both the USA and all over the world, and his unique ability to connect with a crowd makes him a club favorite. He’s opened for major artists including Vanilla Ice, Juicy j, Sean Paul, Travis Porter, and more, and has played at West Palm Beach’s Sun Fest.

The Perfect Atmosphere

Where better to celebrate the magic of the holidays than surrounded by the stunning setting that Apex offers? Step out onto our patio to enjoy breathtaking views of the Las Vegas skyline, or enjoy the sophisticated, upscale vibe of the club indoors. There are plenty of opportunities to capture perfect Instagram photos, making this a holiday party that you won’t soon forget.

And, of course, our mixologists will be hard at work crafting delicious cocktails to make your night complete. Whether you’re heading out with friends or that special someone, our holiday party will be the ideal way to spend your night.

Your Official Invite

We love our local partygoers, and wouldn’t dream of having our holiday party without them being there to take part in the fun. And at Apex, we like to do things big – which is why we’ve enlisted Santa and a special turkey to help us out with invitations. So, Apex partygoers, keep an eye out for a hand-delivered invitation from these special helpers. You never know when they might show up at your doorstep!