Start Your Vegas Night with Dinner at Greene St. Kitchen

Start Your Vegas Night with Dinner at Greene St. Kitchen

Greene St. – Your Pre-Party Dinner Plans

If you haven’t been to Greene St. Kitchen yet, you’re in for a memorable experience. Conveniently located within the Palms Casino Resort, Greene St. is the perfect start to an amazing night out. Dinner, cocktails, and some dancing at APEX Social Club? If that sounds like a great night, then get your friends together and make a reservation at Greene St.

Greene St. Kitchen: Not Your Average Vegas Restaurant

A dinner at Greene St. Kitchen is anything but ordinary. The experience starts before you even step through the door. When you enter Greene St., you do so through a fully functioning arcade, the perfect homage to our inspiration from New York City’s 1970’s Soho district. Take a few minutes to marvel at the sensory experience of the arcade, then enter through the soda machine door.

Greene St. is a world of art and music. Bright, bold, attention-grabbing authentic artwork adorns the walls, making this restaurant part gallery and part food haven. It’s a dining experience like no other, and with professionally lit art on every wall, it’s an opportunity that’s just calling for some Instagram photos of you and your friends.

The Ideal Meal to Start Your Evening

The art doesn’t stop there. Executive Chef Joe Zanelli is known for his creativity and incredible talents, and throughout his career he’s worked under Wolfgang Puck, Laurent Tourondel, and Phillippe Rispolli. He’s also served stars including Kevin Bacon, David Arquette, and Zac Efron. And now, he’s bringing his talents to Greene St.

A glance at our menu reveals the art-inspired dishes that we offer. From our hot and cold plates to our memorable tableside hot rock offerings, our meals are an experience. Try dishes like Scottish Salmon, Curry Crusted Lamb, and Duck Pancakes that you just won’t find anywhere else.

Artistic Signature Cocktails

Our signature cocktails are works of art in themselves, and they’re perfect when pre-gaming for the night to come. Pushing the limits in flavor and artistry, you’ll find your new favorite go-to cocktail here. Angels in Heaven features Grey Goose Vodka infused with lemon grass, pineapple, cilantro, ginger, and lime, topped with a flower sphere. The All City is a bold blend of Aperol, Averna, Gambino Prosecco, and blood orange. Be sure to try the Krylon, too, which artfully blends Barsol Pisco, lime leaf, meyer lemon, and sunflower seed syrup for a flavorful mix.

Continue Your Night at the Palms

After enjoying a delicious dinner and some drinks at Greene St., your night is just beginning, thanks to the countless activities here at the Palms Casino. You can be sure that a party will be unfolding at APEX as the night continues on, so your late-night entertainment is taken care of.

After dinner and before heading to APEX, try your hand at the casino. If you’re feeling lucky, maybe you’ll have a reason to celebrate at APEX later on.

When you do go to APEX, you’ll be in for another amazing view. Thanks to the nightclub’s amazing location on the iconic 55thfloor of the Palms, the view of the Las Vegas sky is absolutely stunning. The outdoor patio turns APEX into an 8,000-square-foot open-air club with panoramic Vegas views that are perfect for some stunning photos.

But the APEX experience continues on. Marvel at the once-of-a-kind art sculptures that surround the room, and enjoy entertainment from some of the best local and national DJs. The music is high-energy and just makes you want to get up and dance – plus, who knows who you’ll meet while out on the dance floor?

If you’re planning a special night out with friends, a Bottle Service reservation can make the night complete. You’ll get VIP service from the start, bypassing the lines and getting right into the club. You’ll also have your very own VIP seating area complete with your own waitstaff and security. With bottles brought right to your table so you can mix your own drinks, there’s no need to ever stand in line at the bar.

Join Us at Greene St. and Start Your Night Off Right

For an extra-special night full of entertainment, great food, and cocktails, start right here at Greene St. Make your dinner reservation now and be the first of your friends to experience this new restaurant right in the heart of the Palms Casino.