Las Vegas March Events at Apex Social Club

Las Vegas March Events at Apex Social Club

Las Vegas Events March

Looking for some great entertainment in Las Vegas in March? If so, you need to stop by APEX Social Club in the Palms Casino & Resort. Our March Vegas parties bring some of the best entertainment to our intimate lounge, giving you the chance to party alongside top DJs, models, musicians, and more. Our March events are sure to be a hit, so now’s the time to get on the guest list.

Here’s what’s in store during March at APEX.

Elevate Thursday with Bingo Players

On Thursday, March 7th, we’ll have house music/EDM veteran Bingo Players taking his turn at Elevate Thursdays at APEX Social Club.

Maarten Hoogstraten discovered his love of electronic music when he was just a kid, and when he met Paul Baumer as a teenager, Bingo Players was born. Hoogstraten and Baumer partnered together for 15 years and recorded under the name Bingo Players. Their songs, which featured driving beats, crunchy riffs, and buzzing synthesizers, quickly captured the attention of EDM crowds. Soon, the duo received requests to play live and then became regulars on the EDM circuit.

Tragically, Baumer was diagnosed with cancer in June of 2013, and passed away in December of 2013. His last wishes were for Hoostraten to continue making music, and Hoostraten obliged his friend’s request. Today, Hoostraten performs under the Bingo Players name, bringing that high-energy, melodically-centered music the duo was known for to venues and audiences all over the country.

las vegas march events at apex social club

Elevate Thursday with Paul Oakenfold

On Thursday, March 14th, come see Grammy-nominated DJ Paul Oakenfold bring his unique energy and flair to APEX.

Oakenfold has had a tremendous influence on electronic music during the past three decades. He’s performed at some of the hottest clubs and nightspots in the world, but he’s also a renowned producer and has worked on blockbuster Hollywood movies. Oakenfold has received two Grammy nominations and has created film stores for massive hits including The Bourne Identity, The Matrix Reloaded, Shrek 2, and more. His newest album, Pop Killer, features The Red Hot Chili Peppers, OneRepublic, B.O.B., and Gnarls Barkley.

During Elevate Thursday Oakenfold will play his classics, but he’ll also give you a chance to hear some of his new music.

Tropic Beauty March Mayhem Weekend

March 22nd and March 23rd mark the Tropic Beauty March Mayhem Weekend here at APEX. Come see Tropic Beauty models host this event. DJ’s Deux Twins and DJ Lezlee will provide the perfect soundtrack for the weekend.

Caroline D’Amore

On March 29th, join us at Caroline D’Amore graces the turntables of APEX Social Club for an unforgettable night. Model, DJ, actress, and pizza parlor owner, D’Amore does it all.

You’ve likely seen D’Amore in movies like Sorority Row. Additionally, she’s the head chef and co-owner of Los Angeles’ D’Amores Pizza. And did we mention that she’s an international DJ who has played with talents like Steve Aoki and DIPLO? D’Amore loves EDM and became the first female DJ to hold a residency in Las Vegas when she had a headline run at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino.

We can’t wait to see her performance here at APEX.

las vegas march events at apex social club

Brandi Cyrus

We’ll finish out the month with a special performance by Brandi Cyrus on March 30th. Brandi is Miley Cyrus’ older sister, and continues to demonstrate how talented the entire family is. Cyrus triples as a DJ, a style editor, and a podcaster. Previously a member of the LA-based pop duo Frank + Derol, Cyrus now works as an event and festival DJ. Additionally, she puts her interior design talents to the test in competing against her mother, Tish, in the new Bravo show, Cyrus Vs Cyrus’ Design & Conquer.

This will be Cyrus’ first appearance at APEX Social Club, so come out and help us give her a warm welcome.

Must-See March Vegas Parties

At APEX Social Club, you know that every party is going to be a great one. Not only are we bringing you the best talents around, but combine that with our amazing atmosphere, Instagram-worthy photo ops, and signature cocktails and you’ll have a memorable night that you don’t want to miss out on.

But remember, everyone else knows how great our Vegas events are going to be, too, so get on the guest list now and we’ll see you in March!