Las Vegas Agenda: 5 Things to Do at The Palms

Las Vegas Agenda: 5 Things to Do at The Palms

What to Do At The Palms Resort & Casino

If you are planning a trip to Las Vegas, then there is no better place to go than The Palms. This iconic resort has been a fixture in the Las Vegas skyline for years, and now the hotel has recently undergone a complete makeover and a stunning renovation that is completely changing the entire look and feel of this hotel and casino.

The recent $620 million renovation has completely changed The Palms Casino Resort. Even if you have been to The Palms before, you have never seen the resort quite like this. So if you are planning on coming down to Las Vegas and spending a weekend at The Palms—we’ve created a list of the top five things that you must do at The Palms during your visit.

  1. Apex Social Club- If you are looking for some of the best views of the city in all of Las Vegas, there is no better place to visit than the Apex Social Club. As one of the newest additions to The Palms Resort and Casino, the Apex Social Club is a must-visit spot during your stay in Las Vegas. Located on the 55th floor of the Palms Resort, this open air bar and lounge not only has the best views of the city but the best drink menu in the city as well.
  2. Camden Cocktail Lounge- Looking for a custom crafted cocktail in a warm and welcoming environment? Then Camden Cocktail Lounge is for you. Located in the heart of The Palms Resort and Casino, this cocktail lounge features some of the best drinks in the city, crafted by the world’s best bartenders and mixologists.
  3. The Unknown’s Centerpiece – When you go down to the center bar of The Palms casino, don’t be alarmed if you run into some sharks—tiger sharks that is. As part of their latest renovation, The Palms has added a new piece of artwork in the middle of the casino which features a real 13 foot tiger shark, prominently displayed in a glass case filled with formaldehyde. It is the type of art that you will only see in Las Vegas and that you can only find in The Palms.
  4. The Pearl- Want to see A-list performers in one of Las Vegas’ most beautiful venues? Then you want to go to The Pearl. In addition to bringing in several big name acts, The Pearl is home to the Blink 182 Kings of the Weekend Las Vegas Residency. It is one of the hottest acts coming to Sin City and a must-see event for any fan of the rock band.
  5. Dine at Scotch 80 Prime- While we know you love going to the new Palms for all of the great bars and cocktail lounges, we also know that there is always time for a quality, sit-down meal. This is where Scotch 80 Prime comes in. Enjoy some of the best fine dining in all of Las Vegas, and some of the best steaks in the world when you dine at Scotch 80 Prime. We recommend Kobe Beef, a nice glass of wine and taking in the stunning artwork of this world-class dining establishment.

Now that you have our top five suggestions for your upcoming stay in Las Vegas at The Palms, there is no better time to book your trip to Sin City. Plus, these are only five of the many fun things that you can plan on doing during your stay.