JRoc & Ryan Labbe: Nightlife Visionaries

JRoc & Ryan Labbe: Nightlife Visionaries

If you’ve visited Apex Social Club, then you already know that it’s unlike any other club in Las Vegas. With its 55th floor location, incredible 360 degree views, beautifully appointed interior, incredible drinks, and inspired entertainment offerings, the entire experience is second to none. 

Curious about who had the vision to create such an incredible venue? It was developed by nightlife visionaries Jason “JRoc” Craig and Ryan Labbe, in collaboration with Clique Hospitality. Here, we’ll offer an inside look into their creative fusion and how it’s helped make this new venue so destination-worthy.

JRoc & Ryan Labbe: the backstory

Who exactly are Jason “JRoc” Craig and Ryan Labbe? Here’s the backstory:

After attending UNLV and serving in the Marine Corps, JRoc worked at Las Vegas hotspots Center Bar, Rehab, and Body English in the Hard Rock Hotel in the early 2000s. In 2006, he helped open the Fantasy Tower in the Palms. With an extensive knowledge of nightlife, he eventually took the position of Director of Nightlife and Marketing for the N9NE Group. He has also worked with SBE, the Light Group, and the Hakkasan Group.

Ryan Labbe is a native Rhode Islander. After arriving in Vegas in 2011, he started working with Andy Masi (currently of Clique Hospitality). Not too long after, he was designing and promoting events for a variety of different venues in Sin City.

A pairing of creative forces

Then, in 2012, JRoc and Labbe formed the 81/82 Group. Their company quickly established itself as the premier Vegas nightlife resource.

Among their many offering? Establishing DJ residencies, national brand partnerships, and helping create promotions for clubs and restaurants. 

The sky’s the limit

Since their partnership was established, JRoc and Labbe have become well known in the Las Vegas nightlife and hospitality world.

At this point, they’ve consulted for just about every major hospitality and nightlife group in town, helping create events, partnerships, promotions, and overall improving brand recognition.

Clique Hospitality plus 81/82 = creative fusion at its best

These nightlife visionaries are frequent partners with Clique Hospitality. Together, these creative forces have collaborated to create a number of different venues in Las Vegas and San Diego.

One of the first great venues they created together was  Clique Bar and Lounge, a nightlife spot located in the Cosmopolitan Hotel.

With a creative cocktail menu featuring unique services like tableside mixology, Clique continues to offer an experience unlike any other.

Following the creation of Clique, these nightlife impresarios moved on to San Diego for a time to create several venues, bringing a little bit of Las Vegas showmanship to the Golden Coast. But of course, they can’t stay away from Sin City, so recently they returned to Las Vegas to open some exciting new venues.

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(Source: Apex Social Club Facebook page)

More amazing spots

After collaborating on several venues in San Diego, Labbe, JRoc, and Clique returned back to their roots in Las Vegas to open some new and exciting venues in the newly revamped Palms Resort Casino, including Apex Social Club.

Simply put, Apex Social Club is an extremely special space.

Located on the iconic 55th floor of the Palms Casino & Resort, Apex offers an incredible, Instagram-worthy panoramic 360-degree view of Las Vegas. With an incredibly designed indoor-outdoor space, creative drinks, and world class entertainment, there’s a strong focus on delivering a customer experience that is unlike any other venue.

If you’ve visited Apex, you’ll undoubtedly agree that the venue realizes this goal and then some. If you haven’t, let’s just say that you must see it for yourself!

In short, Apex Social Club might just be their biggest and most amazing Las Vegas nightlife offering yet.

While the club has only been open a short time, it’s already enjoyed a myriad of rave reviews across social media and travel review sites as well as plenty of press coverage, establishing it as one of the buzziest new clubs in Vegas.

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(Source: Apex Social Club Facebook page)


Creating a standout club in a city as nightlife-saturated as Las Vegas takes vision and skill. But by collaborating with nightlife visionaries JRoc and Ryan Labbe, Clique Hospitality has done it yet again! We hope to see you soon at Apex Social Club, the crowning jewel of the Palms Resort Casino.

Have you visited Apex Social Club yet?