Best Moments of TCB

Best Moments of TCB

It’s time to #throwback to the TCB moments we’ve known and loved!

At Apex Social Club, we love a good party. With a killer location, gorgeous views, and incredible entertainment, our club is the perfect hotspot to unwind and enjoy the best that Las Vegas has to offer.

Being in the restaurant and hospitality industry ourselves, we know that industry workers love to let loose, but may not be able to party hearty through heart of the weekend, because that’s when they’re on the clock. Because of this, we’re delighted to offer TCB Industry Events on Sundays, so that the industry workers of Vegas can unite in a party-friendly front at Apex!

In this post, you’ll learn more about these buzz-worthy events, plus enjoy some snapshots from TCB events past.

cocktail waitresses at apex social club, a palms casino nightclub posing for tbc Sunday

Why TCB?

Listen, nobody can party quite like someone in the industry–meaning, a restaurant, club, or hospitality worker. However, usually these individuals are working on Friday and Saturday nights, since these are some of the busiest times in bars, restaurants, and clubs.

But does that mean that they can’t party? Heck no. On Sundays, we TCB–which stands for “Taking Care of Business”. It’s the perfect chance for those who have to work through the weekend to relax and get a little loose.

And where better to enjoy time off than Apex? Located on the 55th floor of the newly renovated Palms Casino Resort, our unique indoor-outdoor space boasts some of the absolute best views in Vegas. It truly is a one-of-a-kind night club!

Do you have to work in the industry?

Nope. Taking Care of Business is for everyone! While the time slot and hours are geared to be friendly for industry workers, it’s not exclusive; anyone can attend.

What happens at TCB events?

TCB events are like snowflakes. No two events are exactly the same, but every one is memorable.

Typically, we have a theme for the party: past events have included a “Baby Daddy” themed Father’s Day event and a Sleepover-themed party. What will we cook up next? You’ll have to come and find out!

Regardless of the theme, the entertainment is always on point. You’ll be treated to some of the best DJs around; recent party attendees have enjoyed the sounds of big names like DJ Neva.

When you combine the incredible views, the awesome entertainment, and excellent cocktails, it’s the perfect recipe for a truly great night out.

Want to learn more? Take a peek at some of the best moments from the TCB events we’ve hosted so far:

Baby Daddy TCB – Father’s Day Edition

cocktail waitresses at apex social club get ready to celebrate fathers day

This was a big daddy of a party if there ever was one! For this quirky TCB event, we filled the space with babies–or rather, baby-themed decor.

Dolls, baby heads, and strollers abounded, but without any late night tantrums or feedings required. The bubbly was flowing and the music was going, and a good time was had by all!

4th of July TCB

cocktail waitress at apex social club on fourth of July

Stars, stripes, and sparkle! At this one of a kind party event, we celebrated the great nation we call home with sparklers, plenty of red white and blue, and free flowing cocktails. Music, dancing, and booze–we can’t imagine a better way to celebrate the land we love in a gorgeous setting. How could you resist this sort of dazzle?

apex social club Las Vegas cocktail waitress celebrating fourth of July

TCB Sleepover

pillow fight at apex social club sleepover

#NoSleepTilMonday! At a recent TCB event, we hosted a sleepover-themed party that kept the good times coming into the wee hours of Sunday night/Monday morning. Don’t worry, we didn’t steal anyone’s underwear and hide them in the freezer! But there was plenty of sexy sleepwear, a pillow fight, and yes, a cocktail (or three) to enjoy.

Conclusion:At Apex Social Club, we’ve quickly become known for our creative and innovative party events. Our Taking Care of Business (TCB) events are the perfect time for industry workers to enjoy a great party when they’re off the clock! We hope to see you at one of these incredible events soon. Stay updated via our Events pageso that you know when the next party will be!

Have you attended TCB at Apex Social Club yet?