Apex Social Club: The Most Spectacular View in Las Vegas

Apex Social Club: The Most Spectacular View in Las Vegas

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In this day and age, it’s hard to be amazed by anything. After all, with the technology and resources at our fingertips, most of us are experiencing sensory overload at pretty much all times.

But at Apex Social Club, we’ve got a special something that promises to offer a truly awe-inspiring experience. Being located on the 55th floor of the Palms Resort Casino, Apex boasts the most spectacular view in Las Vegas. With the lights of the Strip twinkling far below, this is the type of view that can make you feel something. It’s an experience that simply cannot be missed!

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(Source: Apex Social Club Instagram feed)

Why do people love incredible views?

Few people are immune to the lure of an incredible view. But why, exactly, do we gravitate toward dramatic views? On the website The Naked Scientists, there’s an interesting conversation on just this topic.

As the article shares, much of the enjoyment of a view is the result of a reaction from the brain’s reward center. This reaction is triggered by a few factors, including visual levels and deeper processing stages of memories. Here are some of the overall conclusions from the article:

  • A dramatic view demands little direct action, and therefore allows us to forget our everyday demands and worries for a few moments. In a nutshell: it allows us to let everything go for a brief time.
  • It brings out our inner explorer. Humans have long been curious about their surroundings, because they want to detect potential threats and food sources, among other things. From a high vantage point, we can sweep large areas with our vision.
  • For cityscapes in particular, the viewer is struck by the magnitude of creation. Structures created by humans which are of extraordinary scale or magnitude, such as the glowing structures of the Las Vegas Strip, inspire a sense of pride and awe as we connect to the human’s ability to create.

Of course, it can also be added on an anecdotal level that changing your vantage point simply changes your point of view! You’ll be able to look at the world a little differently, and we mean that in the literal sense!

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(Source: Apex Social Club Instagram feed)

Apex: a sky-high view

As previously noted, Apex Social Club is located on the 55th floor of the newly renovated Palms Resort Casino. Now, this was no small renovation: the Palms has received a $485 million facelift which promises to make it the new go-to spot in Sin City.

Located at the top of the resort, Apex promises to be the crown jewel of the resort’s transformation. Developed by the Clique Hospitality Group, along with nightlife impresarios Ryan Labbe and Jason “JRoc” Craig, this venue promises to be unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

From the 55th floor, you’ll enjoy a truly unparalleled view of the city which will make you see it anew. You’ll be amazed, you’ll be rendered speechless, and you’ll never want to leave!

About the space: Apex Social Club was designed to maximize its killer view. The design features an extremely unique indoor-outdoor space which truly maximizes the glitter and glitz of the view for all to enjoy. You’ll love the view from every angle! This 8,000 square foot space would be incredible even if it didn’t have a stick of furniture or a drop of alcohol, but rest assured, it will be outfitted in a way that suits its incredible location.

View + Experience. Apex Social Club has bigger dreams than just delivering a view. Clique Hospitality Group’s goals with each and every one of its venues/projects is to curate an experience for customers. Ultimately, the idea is to offer customers an unforgettable experience that leaves them transformed by a great evening out.

Along with an incredible view and unique space, Apex will also offer other sensory delights. Take, for instance, cocktails. Amazing cocktails will absolutely be part of the offerings. The bar will feature specialty crafted cocktails, and bottle service will also be offered tableside.

Additionally, Apex will offer plenty of creative entertainment options, too. The club will offer a robust roster of entertainment, including sounds from local and national DJs.

With its killer location, Apex Social Club will undoubtedly offer the most spectacular view in the city. But as you can see by reading this post, there’s so much more that the club will offer to augment your overall experience! Apex truly promises to offer an experience unlike any other, which is quite rare in an over the top town like Las Vegas!

Are you ready to be amazed by the view at Apex Social Club?