Apex Social Club: Opening in May!

Apex Social Club: Opening in May!

(Source: Apex Social Club Facebook page)

Apex Social Club Grand Opening In May

April showers may bring May flowers, but there’s something even more exciting than blossoms coming to Las Vegas this Spring. We’re proud to announce that Apex Social Club will make its official debut this May!

Located on the 55th floor of the newly renovated Palms Resort Casino, Apex is one of the buzziest new clubs in Vegas. Read on to discover some of the many reasons why it should be on your radar and why it’s undoubtedly going to quickly become one of Las Vegas’s most in demand nightlife spots!

Conceived by nightlife geniuses.

Have you ever found yourself mystified about what makes a nightclub a hotspot? Well, there are certain individuals who make it their life’s purpose to figure out these so-called “secrets” and to create nightlife venues that are designed to offer customer experiences unlike any other.

Apex Social Club’s conception and design is the result of an incredible creative fusion between such parties. It’s the brainchild of Clique Hospitality Group and Vegas nightlife visionaries Ryan Labbe and Jason “JRoc” Craig. Clique Hospitality Group has firmly established itself as a pioneering brand, offering creative and tasteful restaurant and nightlife spots in Las Vegas (projects in include Clique Bar and Lounge, Hearthstone Kitchen and Cellar, Bottiglia Cucina & Enoteca, Borracha Mexican Cantina, and more). Labbe and Craig continue to be rising stars in the world of Vegas nightlife, having had a hand in planning or consulting on many of the hottest spots in town. With so many nightlife geniuses at work planning this venue, it promises to be unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

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(Source: Apex Social Club Facebook page)

A focus on the customer experience.

One of the key goals with every project Clique Hospitality works on is curating an incredible experience for customers. Rather than focusing solely on drinks, atmosphere, or location, the idea is to create a well rounded concept that involves high quality on all fronts, so that the customer will truly be transformed by their night out.

While it’s a simple goal, it’s surprisingly revolutionary. Many Las Vegas bars lose sight of delivering an overarching experience as they focus on just one or two aspects of their service or offerings. By focusing on delivering an experience, clubs like Apex end up offering something truly different that keeps customers coming back!

A no-holds-barred, tricked out resort.

As previously mentioned, Apex Social Club is one of the newest offerings in the recently renovated Palms Resort Casino. This is no small renovation: it was a massive and highly ambitious $485 million revitalization.

When you’re investing these types of funds in a project, you don’t want to do anything halfway. You need vision and dedication, and the facelifted resort and Apex Social Club are both borne of both of these things. No expense has been spared. This means that before you even enter the club, you’ll be dazzled by the surroundings, heightening your experience before you even emerge on the 55th floor. It’s a truly beautifully appointed, detail oriented setting.

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Let’s talk about that view.

Undoubtedly one of the key selling points and draws of Apex Social Club is the incredible view.

Those who are in the know will recall the location as formerly being inhabited by Ghostbar. While a massive redesign will make the club experience totally different, the view is just as magical as it ever has been. Located on the 55th floor, the club boasts incredible and completely unparalleled 360 degree views of the city. This soul-stirring view, maximized by an innovative indoor-outdoor venue design, has the power to make your evening magic from the get-go. Though let’s be honest, cocktails certainly don’t hurt!

Cocktails, cocktails, cocktails.

Apex Social Club won’t just be coasting by on its good looks, killer location, and incredible view. The cocktails will be equally incredible. Here, again, you’ll benefit from the influence of the Clique Hospitality Group, which is renowned for its creative menu curation and mixology efforts.

The bar menu will include specialty cocktails with creative touches, so that you can enjoy a drink that is as unique and as special as the club itself. If you really want to go all out (you deserve it!), bottle service will also be offered tableside. This is truly the way to heighten an already incredible experience to complete luxury VIP territory.

Let us entertain you.

In Las Vegas, entertainment is king. At Apex Social Club, you’ll be taking in the view but so much more as you enjoy high caliber entertainment offerings. Local and national DJs will be on hand to provide sounds on a regular basis, and many other events will be popping up on the schedule as the club kicks into high gear.

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(Source: Apex Social Club Instagram feed)

Not just for tourists.

It was an important goal for Apex Social Club to be designed for locals and tourists alike. Las Vegas locals are vital to a club’s success and legitimacy in Sin City. As such, a strong emphasis was put on designing a space that would be appealing to out of towners and Vegas veterans. We hope you’ll agree that Apex Social Club has truly struck the perfect balance in this regard!

Apex Social Club promises to offer a Vegas nightlife experience unlike any other. We hope to see you in May when the club officially opens its doors!

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