10 Reasons Why The Sleepover Returns Is The Party You Don’t Want to Miss

10 Reasons Why The Sleepover Returns Is The Party You Don’t Want to Miss

The Sleepover Returns to Apex Social Club in Las Vegas

If you ever attended The Sleepover at The Palms Resort and Casino, then you already know what an amazing exclusive event it is. Well, guess what? The Sleepover is back, and this time it’s bigger and better than it was before. The Sleepover Returns is one event that you absolutely have to add to your calendar. Here’s why.

Start Your Night Inside Apex

Apex Social Club, the official host of The Sleepover Returns, is a brand-new upscale social club. The sophisticated atmosphere is absolutely luxurious. Framed by four one-of-a-kind art sculptures, the space is completed by a graphite and sapphire bar. It’s a beautiful, stunning space that you and your friends are sure to enjoy.

Party With a One-of-a-Kind View

When you start your night at Apex, you’ll be able to take in a one-of-a-kind view of Las Vegas. Apex’s outdoor patio – located on the 55th floor of the Palms Resort and Casino – makes the space an open-air social club, but it also offers a stunning 360-degree view of Las Vegas. It’s a setting you won’t find anywhere else, and makes the night that much more special.

See Our New Look

The Palms has recently undergone a complete renovation, and the results are stunning. If you haven’t yet been to The Palms or Apex since the renovation, then you need to stop in and see the results of the $620 million project. Stepping into Apex is like entering a different world, and the entire space has been designed with an eye for luxury to draw an upscale crowd.

Order Amazing Drinks

Apex and The Palms are upscale venues, and our drinks are second to none. We offer an amazing drink menu with something for everyone, including a selection of vodkas, rums, tequilas, scotches, bourbons, and more that is second to none. We also offer plenty of options when it comes to champagne and red and white wine to suit a variety of palettes and available at a range of different price points.

Enjoy a Menu of Delicious Options

You won’t go hungry during your night at Apex! We offer delectable table snacks and desserts that will keep your whole party satisfied. Food is served from 5 to 10 pm, so start out your evening with Organic Avocado Toasts and some Sirloin Sliders. You’ll definitely want to try out the Signature Buffalo Tulip Wings, and the King Crab Ceviche Tacos are just as amazing.

Round out the night with a dessert like our Blueberry Pie Wontons or our Galaxy Chocolate Fondue.

Go VIP With Our Bottle Service

Want to feel like a true VIP at Apex? Then take advantage of our Bottle Service. With our Bottle Service, you and your group will commit to purchase a number of bottles of alcohol before you arrive, and we’ll have those bottles ready and waiting for you.

There, you’ll have private servers and security staff. There are no trips to the bar, and your bottles will arrive at your table with a variety of garnishes. Then, you and your friends can create different mixed drinks throughout the night as you take in the action from your private seating area.

Enjoy an Amazing Atmosphere

You’ll start your night inside Apex on a TCB Sunday, and then enjoy The Sleepover Returns after party. This exclusive party will take place in one of the floors of The Palms, and we’ll have a party/club atmosphere all ready for you to enjoy. Stop off at the bar, check out the amazing views, and then head to the dance floor.

Dance to Great Music

We’ll have great DJs on hand for this special event, and they’ll help to get the party started. This is the place to be if you want to see the best musical talent, enjoy some time with your friends, and maybe even meet someone special on the dance floor.   

Get Dressed Up – With a Twist

Sure, you always get dressed up for a night on the town – but when you’re headed to The Sleepover Returns, your outfit comes with a bit of a twist. It’s a sleepover, after all, so nighttime attire is appropriate. Ladies are encouraged to dress up in their best lingerie for The Sleepover Returns.

Take Advantage of the Perfect Location

We’re located at 4321 W Flamingo Road, right in the heart of Las Vegas. It’s easy to get to The Palms and Apex, and there are plenty of things to do before you head over for our unique nightlife experience.

We’re thrilled to be hosting The Sleepover Returns, and it’s sure to make for one memorable, amazing night. Won’t you join us?